1. Well played Bonds, you sure got my attention

  2. Renegade Design Markets - College Brief

    This has been a real struggle for me. Pushing myself to come up with a logo that has strong ties to my concept. These are just a handful of multiple options I’ve tried…none having hit the mark.

    I just need to keep pushing to get there…I’m spent, but I’m not discouraged

  3. Lineal Sketches

    To step away from the computer every now and then is a good thing. With that being said, I still like to be creative. This time I picked up a felt tip and did some sketching.

    Not sure why I drew animals. Not sure why this style came about, but a few hours later I had created some illustrations that I am quite happy with. All A3 in size, I think I might frame a few just to remind myself that drawing ain’t all that bad.

  4. Lego Love

    I’ve always wanted to do something creative with Lego. So i set myself some time in my college break to do some poster. It was really fun getting into Photoshop and playing around.

    I was going to ad a punchline or some title text, but when I finished them all I really liked how simple and clean they were.

    This leaves the viewer to decide what the communication is, but any way it may be taken, I feel it shows how Lego can be seen with some imagination.

  5. Azureblue

    Cert IV - An identity for an airport bookstore.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this brief as it was my first effort of branding and executing the identity across multiple contexts. Although I feel I could’ve come up with a more creative response to the brief, looking back I’m pleased with my results.

  6. Sake Identity & Packaging

    Cert IV - the brief was to create an identity and packaging for a new upper market line of Japanese Sake.

    The client wanted to have links to traditional Japan, whilst appealing to a contemporary western market. My concept was based around the mystery of the true traditional Japanese people. This concept was also followed over onto the packaging where the outer sleeve hid the inner box which contained the bottle (outer sleeve had the die cut circle to reveal the graphics underneath). I also included a gold foil embellishment to create a sense of worth and prestige. The logotype was influence by both Bidoni and Japanese script. 

  7. Me as a young'n
    The crazy man himself

    Stipple Illustrations

    These are some of the finished stipple illustrations I’ve done at A4 size, I was too scared to go bigger as these took long enough.

  8. Application for AWARDSchool Brisbane

    Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in gaining a place in AWARD School. Although I didn’t get in, it was a great challenge and I enjoyed the process of the brief immensely. Advertising is a very tricking industry, but coming up with key concepts and using wit to persuade is something I really am starting to enjoy.

    You may have won this time AWARD School…but I’ll be back.